Zealously Inspired.

Mindfully Crafted.

Cecilia's textiles are created from hand-drawn designs inspired by the stories of her life --- with the names of streets from memories of growing up in California, and sketches from her college art portfolio...to her 80s homage of making Playlists on cassettes, and most recently a collaboration with Elizabeth Benedict for a cause.


"California's skateboard culture in the 1970s was a part of my youth.  My younger brother was a skateboarder and had no fear.  Down the hill, near the bottom of Royal Blvd., one of our neighbors had built a halfpipe at the end of their driveway.  As we got older my family relocated midway across the country, and thanks to the Desmond family, my brother experienced yet another neighborhood driveway thrill.  The only halfpipes I encounter nowadays, are in terrain parks at ski mountains.  I can barely maneuver on a snowboard, but my brother continues to attempt McTwists."


"This is the original sketch I drew when I was conceptualizing the Halfpipe pattern.  The outline of the design shows the hand-drawn quality with its variations -- each halfpipe is different from the one next to it in the repeat.  When the first round of strike-offs came back to me, I was so drawn to the outlined pattern, that I decided to add it to the collection.  It's a subtle version of it's bolder counterpart, Halfpipe©."


"Calisole©" is inspired by the honeycomb and diamond design on the sole of the most popular sneaker on the surf & skate scene. Vans® were all the rage back in the '70s and still are today.  The two-toned lace-ups were what all of the kids in grade school wore -- girls and boys alike.  The checkered slip ons, are a personal fave, even though I like to sport the faux snake-skinned version.  Skateboarding is rad, and the iconic waffle design on the bottom of the shoe reflects that.  Both will always be part of the California soul."